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MEV 013 Solved Assignment 2021-22

MEV 013
Environmental Chemistry TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENT

Course Code : MEV-13

Course Title : Environmental Chemistry

Assignment Code : MEV-013/TMA-01/

January & July session 2021

Coverage : All Blocks

MEV 013 Solved Assignment 2021-22 Note: This assignment is based on the entire course.

Answer any five questions. All question carries equal marks.

Please write all answers in your own words.

MEV 013 Solved Assignment 2021-22

1. Explain modern methods of separation and electrical methods of analysis with suitable examples?

2. Differentiate between the following

a. Accuracy and Precision

b. Determinate and Indeterminate Errors

3. What are the applications of chromatography technique in environmental monitoring?

4. Explain the following with suitable examples

a. Chemical equilibrium & Dynamic equilibrium

b. Aromatic hydrocarbons as environmental pollutants

c. Biochemical effects of Arsenic & Mercury

d. Mechanism of adsorption

5. Give a note on scintillation process and working mechanism of scintillation counter?

6. Explain the reasons for the following?

a. HF stored in copper bottles and not glass bottles

b. Sodium hypochlorite used as a disinfectant

c. Graphite acts as a lubricant

d. Lead components are added to gasoline and why was it removed with the advent of catalytic convertors

e. TEL was banned as a gasoline additive

7. Explain basic instrumentation for IR Spectrometry and its environmental applications?

8. a) What is global warming? How is it different from greenhouse effect? What are the environmental outcomes of global warming?

b) Describe the mechanism of ozone formation in the lower troposphere?

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