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MEVE 012 Solved Assignment 2021-22

MEVE 012


Course Code : MEVE-12

Course Title : Environmental Management

Assignment Code : MEVE-012/TMA-01/2021-2022

Coverage : All Blocks

MEVE 012 Solved Assignment 2021-22 Note: This assignment is based on the entire course.

Answer any five questions. All question carries equal marks.

Please write all answers in your own words.

1. Why does an organization have an Environmental Management System? In what way will it be useful in improving the Environmental performance of the organization?

2. Describe the various steps involved in the Environmental Planning Process. Where does Environmental Assessment fit in the Environmental Planning?

MEVE 012 Solved Assignment 2021-22

3. List different components of environmental management. Giving suitable examples, discuss how cultural and social subsystems affect it.

4. Write short notes on

i) Green marketing

ii) ISO 140001

5. How is extended product responsibility different from product stewardship? Describe different types of product responsibilities.

6. Explain the concepts of sustainable production and sustainable consumption giving suitable examples.

7. What do you mean by Sustainable Business? What are its components? Discuss the challenges of sustainable business.

8. Define management. Explain the concept of Environmental Management.

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