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MJM 024 Solved Assignment 2021-22



Assignment Code: MJM-024/Jan 2021

Marks: 100

MJM 024 Solved Assignment 2021-22 Note: Answer all questions, they carry equal marks.

1. Go to https://news.google.com/topstories?hl=en-IN&gl=IN&ceid=IN:en and int he search box type - “Climate Change” “TYPE YOUR CITY NAME.” OR Go to https://news.google.com/ topstories?hl=en-IN&gl=IN&ceid=IN:en and in the search box type - “Climate Change'' [TYPE IN YOUR LANGUAGE]. Based on the search results, randomly select any ten recent news items from the Indian media organisations, review its coverage on Climate Change. Furthermore, give your observations, whether the news reports from the Indian media organisations are matching with the ongoing climate change discussions, its depths and source of the news story (own correspondent or wire services).

2. Observe any Indian news media for a few weeks.Track its coverage on gender issues. Based on your observation, identify five reasons why the media is deceptive, insensitive, patriarchal and trivialise the women issues/topics.

MJM 024 Solved Assignment 2021-22

3. Identify one SDG, give a brief description of it from the Indian perspective. Do a SWOT analysis for that SDG from the ICT point of view [SWOT analysis again from Indian perspective].

4. Access, understanding and participation are the main dimensions of media literacy. Unlike mainstream media, digital media provides substantial scope for you to participate and engage in many activities. Introspect your association with the digital media in terms of your participation in any public matters and community issues. Along with that give your opinion on the role of digital media in shaping your understanding of worldly affairs.

5. Every section of society is not enjoying equal levels of benefits, the human living standards are varying significantly among these sections. The marginalised and disadvantaged sections are the top priorities in all SDGs, however, there is a noticeable level of disconnect between them as well as with the other institutions. To achieve all stated goals and targets of SDGs, these voiceless sections need to be “included” and “connected.” Media and communication could play an important role in establishing connections and networks. Suggest three communication initiatives that would reestablish the marginalised with the mainstream sections of the society.

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