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CTE 02 Solved Assignment 2021-22


CTE 02 Solved Assignment 2021-22


CTE 02 Solved Assignment 2021-22 : All assignments are in PDF format which would be send on email/WhatsApp (9958676204) just after payment.

Maximum Marks: 100

Answer all questions:

1 Study the role of English and the regional languages in your town/city/state. Write a short report recording your findings about their use in education, business, administration, judiciary, media and social interaction.


2 Write briefly on any four of the following. Illustrate your answers:


i. Standard language

ii. Bottom-up and Top-down approach for analysis of text

iii. Regular and irregular verbs

iv. Pure vowels and diphthongs

v. Inflectional paradigm of an adverb

3 Describe the factors that led to the Indianization of English. From the English you hear and read around you in India, find some typical examples of Indian English. Your examples should include sounds, phrases, grammatical constructions and lexical items other than those referred to in the lessons. What should your attitude be to Indian English as an English teacher?


4a What is the sentence pattern of each of the following sentences? The first one is done for you.


i. Ashima ran fast. (Subject+Verb+Adverb)

ii. The boy fell on the floor.

iii. Alka felt lonely.

iv. Aditya believed the girl.

v. Meghna sent her mother a letter.

vi. Pooja is pretty.

vii. Maanik is waiting outside.

viii. The teacher scolded the student.

ix. They are crazy.

x. The children sang well.

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4b What is the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences? Identify each of the following sentences as simple, compound or complex.


i. He told me that he would be going to Bombay next week.

ii. She is very beautiful.

iii. The girl whom you met last week came here looking for you.

iv. I am going to the market.

v. She will go to the party only if her father will drop her.

vi. I think that you are right.

vii. Finish your homework and put the notebooks back in your bag.

viii. Madhu dreamt that she was flying an aeroplane.

ix. Either you sit properly or you leave the room.

x. Socrates held the universality of morality.

5a Differentiate between derivational and inflectional affixes. Identify the affixes in each of the following words and categorise them as derivational or inflectional.


i. misinterpreted

ii. unmanageable

iii. civilizations

iv. misdeeds

v. decentralized

5b How are consonants described? Describe the consonants in the following English words. One is done for you.


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CTE 02 Solved Assignment 2021-22 : All assignments are in PDF format which would be send on email/WhatsApp (9958676204) just after payment.


Dear Learner,

You have to submit one assignment in each course, i.e. CTE 02, CTE 02 and CTE 03. All these are Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs). Before attempting the assignments, please read the instructions provided in the Programme Guide carefully.

Kindly note, you have to submit these assignments to the Coordinator of your Study Centre within the stipulated time for being eligible to appear in the term-end examination. You must mention your Enrolment Number, Name, Address, Assignment Code and Study Centre Code on the first page of the assignment. You must obtain a receipt from the Study Centre for the assignments submitted and retain it. Keep photocopies of the assignments with you.

After evaluation, the assignments have to be returned to you by the Study Centre. Please insist on this and keep a record with you. The marks obtained by you will be sent by the Study Centre to the Student Evaluation Division at IGNOU, New Delhi.

Guidelines for Doing Assignments

There are five questions in each assignment, all carry equal marks. Attempt all the questions in not more than 500 words (each). You will find it useful to keep the following points in mind:

Planning: Read the assignments carefully. Go through the units on which they are based, make some points regarding each question and then rearrange them in a logical order

Organization and Presentation: Be analytical in your selection of the information for your answer. Give adequate attention to the introduction and the conclusion. Make sure that your answer is logical and coherent; has a proper flow of information.

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