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MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper June 2015



June, 2015



1. Discuss the socio-economic impact of the Australian colonial policies on the Aboriginals.

2. Trace the evolution of Australia as a multicultural society.

3. Examine the nature of relationship between the Parliament and the Executive in the Australian Constitution.

4. Explain the division of powers in the Australian federalism.

5. Identify the challenges faced by the Australian economy in the era of globalization.

MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper June 2015


6. What in your view are the main points of difference in the policies and programmes of the Liberal and Labour Party in Australia ?

7. Discuss the nature of development strategies adopted by the Australian government in the direction of 'distributive justice'. 8. Examine the policies adopted by the Australian Government towards the indigenous people since the 1970s.

9. Trace the evolution and role of the Indian diaspora in the Australian society.

10. Discuss the role and participation of women in the socio-economic transformation of Australian society.

MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper June 2015


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