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MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper June 2017



June, 2017



1. "Australia is an accident of history, and since beginning, the island continental country has been redefining itself, shifting its image of what it means to be Australian". Explain.

2. Explain the origins and evolution of white Australia policy and the recent changes that have taken place.

3. Discuss the elements of multi-culturalism in the evolution of Australian society and the challenges it faces in future.

4. Why is Australian government called a 'hybrid' form of government ? Explain.

5. Discuss the relationship between the legislature and executive in Australia. Can the legislature assert over the executive ?

MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper June 2017




6. Discuss the electoral system in Australia.

7. Critically examine the changing nature of the Australian economy in the era of globalisation.

8. Has Australian development strategy been able to provide an "affirmative action" programme ? Elaborate.

9. Is immigration leading to the decline of economic prosperity in Australia ? Discuss.

10. Explain with examples Australian government's position on women and gender issues.

MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper June 2017


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