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MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper Dec 2017



December, 2017



1. Do you think Colonisation of Australia changed the way Aborigins perceived themselves ? Explain

2. "Australia today is a Country of immigrants drawn from different parts of the world and recognized as a multicultural settler society ? Elaborate on this theme.

3. How does Australia balance the challenges of the principles of universalism and difference ? Give reasons for your answer.

4. Critically examine the role of the Senate in Australian Parliament.

5. Do you think that the pressure groups play a critical role in Australian politics ?

MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper Dec 2017




6. "Australia over the years has undergone transformative changes in its economic development" Discuss.

7. Write a brief note on the healthcare and educational facilities provided by the Australian government.

8. How has Australia adjusted to globalization in terms of social welfare and justice ? Explain.

9. What are the current challenges Australia faces in order to maintain its place in the world economy ? Discuss.

10. How does the Australian government view the Indian diaspora and its contribution to the economic development and multiculturalism of Australia ?

MPSE-012 Previous Year Question Paper Dec 2017



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