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MTTM 3 Solved Assignment 2021-22


MTTM 3 Solved Assignment 2021-22


MTTM 3 Solved Assignment 2021-22 : All assignments are in PDF format which would be send on email/WhatsApp (9958676204) just after payment.

Programme: MTTM/MTM

Course Code: MTTM 3/MTM 3

Assignment Code: MTTM 3/MTM 3/TMA/2021

Total Marks: 100

Note: This TMA consists of ten questions, out of which you have to attempt any five. The question carries 20 marks each and should be answered in about 500 words. Send your TMA to the Coordinator of your Study Centre.

1. What do you understand by Counseling? Explain the need for Employee Counseling in an organization.


Employee Counselling in Organisation
Counselling is discussion with an employee, who has some problem or the opposite, more particularly emotional in nature. it’s intended to assist the worker to beat the emotional stress, in order that he/she can revisit to the most track of performance. In organizations, the necessity for counselling could also be for several reasons, namely, an employee may fail to realize the results or performance targets, or an employee may have problems with the team leader, or just an employee may fail to relate himself/herself to the work as also with the organization.
Because of such divergent needs for employee counselling, its characteristics also differ. it’s going to be an exchange of feelings between two people (hence an act of communication), or help to an employee to beat his/her emotional problems (hence an act of problem solving), or to teach or guide an employee to realize his/her goals (hence a developmental support), etc.

Objectives/Functions of Counselling:
Whatever could also be purpose of counselling, objectives/functions of counselling are often categorized into six major areas which are detailed as follows:

Rendering advice:
It is the function of coaching by the counsellor, who could also be the immediate boss or knowledgeable . Here the counsellor listens to the issues of the workers then guides them to the proper direction. Reassurance it’s the function of restoring the arrogance of the workers, helping them to feel courageous, to realize strength, and to develop positive thinking. In cases, where employees are entrusted with challenging assignments, reassuring them is extremely important, to assist them realize that they will achieve the results.

Clarifying the thinking:
It is the function of encouragement to the workers to be rational and realistic. Employees often lose their emotional balance in executing their assignments and jobs, and hence commit decisional errors. Helping them to be rational by clarifying their way of thinking, puts them back to the realities and enables them to realize the results.

Release of emotional tension:
It is the method of relief from frustration and stress. The counsellor allows the workers to share their grief. Within the process of sharing, employees get relief from their emotional tensions. This doesn’t cause an answer by itself, but it breaks the ice, allowing the counsellor to know the possible ways for solution.

It is a process of sharing the knowledge and understanding, through upward and downward communication. Upward communication flows from the workers, who bring their feelings and emotional problems to the notice of the management. Downward communication flows from the counsellors, who help the workers get an insight into the activities of the organization.

It is a process of encouragement to bring internal changes in goals, values, and mental models, helping employees to leverage their strengths and guarding against their weaknesses.

Types of Counselling:
Depending on the explanations for counselling, a counsellor can make use of several sorts of counselling, as detailed below:

Directive counselling:
In this sort of counselling, the counsellor plays the role of an empathetic listener then takes decisions about the proper courses of action for the workers . The counsellor also motivates the workers to follow the suggested courses of action.

Non-directive counselling:
The counsellor uses this sort of counselling, not only to concentrate but also to impress the workers to elucidate the issues . On understanding the issues, the counsellor determines the courses of action then facilitates the workers to spot on their own, the possible solutions to those problems. Since finding solutions to problems is left to the workers who are being counselled, we also call it ‘client-centred’ counselling.

Participative or cooperative counselling:
It is in between the sooner two sorts of counselling. Here, both the counsellor and therefore the counselled develop close mental relationships, exchange ideas, feelings, knowledge, and knowledge, to beat the matter of the counselee. Since the possible-solution inputs also are collected from the counselee, we call it participative counselling.

In organizations, managers need to adopt suitable sorts of counselling counting on the explanations, sort of employees for whom the counselling is meant, and therefore the underlying situation that prevails at a specific point of your time . Directive counselling is preferred in those cases, where the workers are unable to make a decision their courses of action.

Non-directive counseling is for those that are knowledgeable and capable enough to make a decision, once the issues are explained to them. Participative counselling is effective in cases where organizations try to vary, which can be for mergers and acquisitions, technological changes, business process reengineering, policy related changes, etc.

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2. Define the concept of ‘Discipline’. Differentiate between Layoff and Retrenchment.


3. What is motivation? Explain in detail the theories of motivation.


4. What do you understand by grievance? How do they impact an organization? How would you handle employee grievances?


5. What is career planning? Explain its importance.


6. What do you understand by Personnel Management? Discuss in detail the need and functions of Personnel Management.


7. Discuss the position of women in Tourism. Explain the code of conduct prescribed by National Council of Women.


8. Explain the importance of proper Induction. Design an induction programme for a ‘Hotel Receptionist’ and a ‘Tour Escort’.


9. What is Performance Appraisal? Describe its need and methods.


10. What do you understand by transfers? State the need for Transfer Policy.


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MTTM 3 Solved Assignment 2021-22 : All assignments are in PDF format which would be send on email/WhatsApp (9958676204) just after payment.


Dear Learner,

You have to submit one assignment in each course, i.e. MTTM 3, MTTM 3 and MTTM 4. All these are Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs). Before attempting the assignments, please read the instructions provided in the Programme Guide carefully.

Kindly note, you have to submit these assignments to the Coordinator of your Study Centre within the stipulated time for being eligible to appear in the term-end examination. You must mention your Enrolment Number, Name, Address, Assignment Code and Study Centre Code on the first page of the assignment. You must obtain a receipt from the Study Centre for the assignments submitted and retain it. Keep photocopies of the assignments with you.

After evaluation, the assignments have to be returned to you by the Study Centre. Please insist on this and keep a record with you. The marks obtained by you will be sent by the Study Centre to the Student Evaluation Division at IGNOU, New Delhi.

Guidelines for Doing Assignments

There are five questions in each assignment, all carry equal marks. Attempt all the questions in not more than 500 words (each). You will find it useful to keep the following points in mind:

Planning: Read the assignments carefully. Go through the units on which they are based, make some points regarding each question and then rearrange them in a logical order

Organization and Presentation: Be analytical in your selection of the information for your answer. Give adequate attention to the introduction and the conclusion. Make sure that your answer is logical and coherent; has a proper flow of information.

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