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MEG 04 Solved Assignment 2022-23

MEG 04 Solved Assignment 2022-23

Aspects of Language

Core Code: MEG 04

Assignment Code: MEG 04/TMA/2022-23

Max. Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions

1. Write short notes on the following:

(i) Borrowings

  • The act of borrowing money or the amount of money that a person, company, government, etc. borrows:
  • Deficit spending and foreign borrowing are reaching levels that could threaten the nation's future growth.
  • Credit card borrowing was down £400,000 in November.
  • short-term/medium-term/long-term borrowing An overdraft is not suitable for long-term borrowing.
  • reduce/cut/control borrowing Government debt interest is projected to flatten out as borrowing is reduced.
  • increase/encourage borrowing Low interest rates encourage borrowing, thereby stimulating demand for goods.

(ii) Langue and Parole

Referring to two aspects of language examined by Ferdinand de Saussure at the beginning of the twentieth century, langue denotes a system of internalized, shared rules governing a national language’s vocabulary, grammar, and sound system; parole designates actual oral and written communication by a member or members of a particular speech community. Saussure’s understanding of the nature of language and his belief that scholarship should focus on investigating the abstract systematic principles of language instead of researching etymologies and language philosophy led to a revolution in the field of linguistics.

The discussion concerning langue and parole was first suggested by Ferdinand de Saussure and popularized in his Cours de Linguistique Générale (Course in General Linguistics), a series of Saussure’s university lectures collected by his students and published posthumously in 1916. Abandoning the mindset, goals and objectives of historical linguistics, Saussure advocated a synchronic examination of language. Not interested in studying a particular language or the linguistic habits of any one member of a given speech community, Saussure sought to examine language in general and to identify the systems or rules and conventions according to which language functions. Saussure’s views on language influenced linguistics during the twentieth century, and his imprint can be found in theoretical works discussing phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics and especially semantics. Indeed, the distinction between langue and parole forms an important part of the theoretical basis of structuralism.

2. Discuss the description and classification of Consonants and Vowels.

3. Why is language planning essential in any country? What are the factors which influence language planning?

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4. Do you agree with the ‘one language: one community’ theory? What other factors, apart from language, may determine one’s identification with a speech community?

5. What do you think is the role of English vis-à-vis the Indian languages in modern India?

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Dear Learner,

You have to submit one assignment in each course, i.e. MEG 04. All these are Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs). Before attempting the assignments, please read the instructions provided in the Programme Guide carefully.

Kindly note, you have to submit these assignments to the Coordinator of your Study Centre within the stipulated time for being eligible to appear in the term-end examination. You must mention your Enrolment Number, Name, Address, Assignment Code and Study Centre Code on the first page of the assignment. You must obtain a receipt from the Study Centre for the assignments submitted and retain it. Keep photocopies of the assignments with you.

After evaluation, the assignments have to be returned to you by the Study Centre. Please insist on this and keep a record with you. The marks obtained by you will be sent by the Study Centre to the Student Evaluation Division at IGNOU, New Delhi.

Guidelines for Doing Assignments

There are five questions in each assignment, all carry equal marks. Attempt all the questions in not more than 500 words (each). You will find it useful to keep the following points in mind:

Planning: Read the assignments carefully. Go through the units on which they are based, make some points regarding each question and then rearrange them in a logical order

Organization and Presentation: Be analytical in your selection of the information for your answer. Give adequate attention to the introduction and the conclusion. Make sure that your answer is logical and coherent; has a proper flow of information.

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